The 35 acres of vines sit amongst the 120 acre Wickham Manor Estate,  just to the west of the medieval Cinque Port town of Winchelsea, steeped in wine trading history. There are a total of 8 different vineyard blocks, each with its own slightly different soils, and characteristics. The blocks are named, Summerlands, Sandrock, White Fox, Gravels, Marlpit, Willows, and Old Wickham. The names give a clue about the location, or an historic link.

The East Sussex coastal location just a mile from the sea provides a beneficial climate, having higher night time temperatures, reducing the risk of frosts and helping to ripen the grapes. The carefully chosen aspect of the slopes and the soil that the vines are planted in is perfect for growing these varieties of grapes.

Originally Wickham Manor would have stood within the town boundaries of Winchelsea. Between the sea and the French, most of Old Winchelsea was brought down, but Wickham Manor and a network of old cellars running underneath Winchelsea are some of the last remnants of the former town.

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