‘Taking Charles Palmer to Europe….

Well this year is turning out to be quite an exciting one…..

Not only have we had a very good start to spring with bud burst two weeks earlier than normal and four weeks earlier than last year. Yes you read that correctly four weeks earlier!!! This bodes extremely well for an exceptional year, but let’s not go counting our chickens just yet.

Anyway we have been invited to take our wines to, firstly Epernay no less for a tasting!! What a coup that would be to sell Charles Palmer English Sparkling Wine in the very heart of Champagne. Then less than a week later we are off to the Priorat region of Catalonia, Spain where every year they hold a weekend long wine fair/festival to showcase their DOCa. Priorat and DO Montsant wines. “It is a great weekend and one of the highlights in my opinion is the Friday night (2nd May this year) White wines of Priorat and Montsant / White wines of the world tasting held in Falset castle in the evening for around 2 hours. The Aguiló family-run wine merchants based in Falset runs the event (now in its 5th Edition) and they asked me if I knew of any white wine/Sparkling Wine Producers from the UK who would like to be our guests this year….” Says Rachel Ritchie Wine Guide and Translator in Priorat, and our contact there. So that’s where we come in, apparently the Catalans ( they are NOT Spanish) have never tried English Sparkling Wines. So we will grasp this opportunity to showcase what we consider to be some of the finest English Sparkling Wines for them to try.Charles Palmer Brut 2009, and Charles Palmer Brut 2010.

You will have to watch this space, when I will report back on our intrepid travels. CP.



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